At ALO Medical Holdings, we provide rental of 5L , 10L and 15L Oxygen Concentrators in Singapore .

ALO Medical Holdings ensure that your loved ones receive medical grade oxygen at oxygen purity above 87% at all times.

All our stationary oxygen concentrators are :-

  1. Able to deliver continuous flow of oxygen; and
  2. Able to operate 24/7 daily ; and
  3. Delivering hospital grade oxygen with a concentration of above 90% ;and
  4. Rest Assured that there is no chance of cross Infection as ALO Medical Holdings changes our oxygen filters in the oxygen concentrator after every patient use; and
  5. Able to deliver up to 15L/min in one(01) oxygen concentrator *

ALO Medical Holdings ensure all our rental oxygen concentrator have met the following requirement : –

  1. CE Approved
  2. FDA Approved
  3. ISO 80601-2-69:2014

When you rent an equipment from ALO Medical Holdings, you are guaranteed that :-

  1. No risk from cross infection as ALO Medical Holdings will perform a thorough wipedown and change the filters after every patient use.
  2. 24 / 7 medical and advisory support  by a product specialist when the equipment alarms are activated
  3. Caregiver is trained to use the product by our product specialist

ALO Medical Holdings carries only the state of art equipment trusted by medical professionals


What are the rates for the oxygen concentrator ?

Type Rate
5L Oxygen Concentrator S$ 250 per month
10L Oxygen Concentrator S$ 350  set up fee + S$20 per day
15L Oxygen Concentrator S$ 350 set up fee + S$ 80 per day

*above rates does not include transportation service and consumables

Are you able to transport the Oxygen Concentrator to my premises?

Yes, we are able to arrange transportation of the oxygen concentrator to your premises through our third party provider.

How do I top up the oxygen for the oxygen concentrator?

There is no need to top up oxygen for your oxygen concentrator as it concentrates oxygen from ambient air.

How do I determine the oxygen flow rate required for the patient?

Usually patients are discharged from hospital with a recommendation on the amount of oxygen to be delivered. Please seek advice from your doctor.

What is the difference between hospital oxygen and your oxygen concentrator?

At ALO, we supply reliable medical grade oxygen concentrators which can supply up to 90% oxygen compared to other suppliers thus the oxygen delivered would be similar to the hospital oxygen.

What do I need to prepare before renting your oxygen concentrator?

You will need all of the following:

  1. Oxygen delivery device (Nasal prong, Face Mask)
  2. Electrical Power Source

What do I do if the patient needs Oxygen urgently?

In such cases, we will need time to arrange transportation of the oxygen concentrator to your location and patient safety is our utmost priority.

Call 995 for an ambulance to convey the patient to the hospital for medical treatment.