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Blended Learning

Refresher Course


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Instructor Led Classroom Training

Course Overview

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with AED training is designed for learners with no prior medical experience, and seeking to be competent in resuscitation and the use of the AED machine.

The CPR + AED course is also a prerequisite for American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer Course.

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Type of Training

At ALO, we have both Blended Learning and Face to Face Classroom training.


Blended Learning
Full Course – 1 hours (Online Learning) + 3 hours (Hands on Practical + Assessment)
Refresher – 1 hours (Online Learning) + 1.5 hours (Hands on Practical + Assessment)


Instructor Led Classroom Training
Full Course – 4 hours
Refresher – 3.5 hours

Course Accreditation / Recognised By :

Learning Outcome

The course will train the participants to render immediate and effective treatment during an emergency by :

Explain the duties and responsibilities of a CPR + AED provider
Perform CPR effectively on adult unconscious casualties
Use of an AED effectively on adult unconscious casualties
Manage a medical emergency


Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, graduates will be awarded an E- certificate, accredited by the SRFAC, with a validity of Two (2) years in

CPR + AED provider 


How do I register for the course?

What is Blended Learning ?

Blended learning combines the strengths of online learning and in-classroom training. Among its many qualities, the CPR + AED blended course provides a convenient , flexible and robust option for personal trainers , lifeguards & adult learners with other commitments.

Powered using our user friendly and interactive online learning platform or through Zoom , the CPR + AED blended teaches the same curriculum and equip the learner with the same skills as our traditional , instructor-led courses. The Blended Learning courses consist of 2 parts :

Part 1 : Online Learning either through our Learning Management System (LMS) or through Zoom where learners have access to a rich array of resources , activities , case study , knowledge check and once the learner complete the first part of the programme , they will be able to move to the in person portion

Part 2 : an instructor-led, classroom-based session where you will benefit from ample opportunity for hands-on skills practice, expert coaching, debriefing, team scenarios and comprehensive skills testing.

Learn more about Blended Learning here.

I have signed up for the Blended First Aid Training and I have not completed my online learning. Am I allowed to attend the face to face training ?

Participants are expected to have read the eManual and watch the online lecture videos and completed the online non graded MCQ prior to attending the course.

What are the requirements for successful completion for the CPR + AED certification course.

Participants are required to fulfil all the following criterias 

(1) 100% attendance rate 

(2) Complete and pass the Theory Test within 3 attempts 

(3) Complete and pass the Practical Assessment within 3 attempts 

What happens if I fail the theory assessment for CPR + AED ?

Participants are given a total of 3 attempts. If a participant is deemed Not Yet Competent on the 3rd attempt , the participant will be required to re-do the entire course. 

What happens if I fail the practical assessment for CPR + AED?

Participants are given a total of 3 attempts. If a participant is deemed Not Yet Competent on the 3rd attempt , the participant will be required to re-do the entire course. 

What is the practical competence for CPR + AED ?

The practical component are 

  1. Hands Only CPR 
  2. Initiate the use of AED 

I am registering as a NREP / NROC coach. Is this course suitable for me ?

Participants who are applying as a NREP/ NROC coach will require Standard First Aid with CPR + AED certification.

I am a Personal Trainer . Is this CPR + AED course suitable for me ?

Most gym will require personal trainers to be certified in CPR + AED. However if you are conducting gym class for schools , community centres and/or other public places , you will be required to have be Standard First Aid + AED certified.

My certification has expired . Can I sit for the re-fresher course ?

To renew your certification , you will need to attend a refresher course 3 months before or after the expiry of your current certification. If your current certification has lapsed more than 3 months from expiry , you will need to do the full course. 

How long is the CPR + AED certification course ?

Based on Singapore Resuscitation & First Aid Council (SRFAC) guidelines , the participant has to complete 4 hours of theory and practical assessment in order for the participant to complete the programme. 

For Blended Learning , the theory content will be delivered through our Learning Management System thus there will be a slight variation in terms of the number of hours it takes to complete the course.