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Course Overview

This Drug Administration Workshop is for both Primary and preschool educators to assist their students with the medication in the event of an emergency. The course will focus on teaching the educators in using the various inhaler devices , management of a seizure patient and management of an allergic patient.

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Type of Training

At ALO, we have both Blended Learning and Face to Face Classroom training.


Blended Learning
Full Course – 3 hours (Online Learning) + 4 hours (Hands on Practical + Assessment)

Learning Outcome

The course will train the participants to render immediate and effective treatment during an emergency by :

Understand basic concepts of asthma and allergy.
Recognise an asthma attack and know how to provide asthma first aid.
Demonstrate the correct inhaler technique
Recognise an allergic reaction and anaphylaxis
Demonstrate the use of an Adrenaline Auto Injector (EpiPen)
Recognise a Seizure
Demonstrate the use of Rectal Diazepam using the Seizure Action Plan


Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, graduates will be awarded a certificate of Attendance in 

Assist in Drug Administration Workshop