Oxygen Tank with Regulator

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ALO Medical Holdings provides a wide range of oxygen tanks for rental in Singapore.

From 425 L ( D size) to 3,455(L Size) of oxygen cylinder, we got you covered with 100% purity of oxygen for your loved ones.

Unlike oxygen concentrators, Oxygen cylinders do run out of oxygen. We provide the lowest cost of refill at S$30 for D Size and S$80 for L size cylinders.

The duration each oxygen cylinder can last depends on the flow per minute, the patient is using , and the size of the cylinder.

The Client may use this formula to calculate the estimated duration the oxygen tank could last :

(Current Cylinder Pressure X Conversion Factor      = Duration of Flow (Min)

Flow Rate (L/min)

D Size cylinder conversion factor = 0.16

L Size cylinder conversion factor =1.14

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